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SIDE DISH - Age of Intent (2005)

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You'll say it's such a perfect day, so
Let's drive until our eyes can't see anymore.
Today, we're going on our way
Our favorite destination.
Climb in, the city full of sin,
There's trouble up ahead.

Now that we know where we'll be
My mind is speeding recklessly.
Soon I'll feel like a new man.
Not gonna say that I won't...
Not gonna say that we won't...

I don't know how I want to live my life.
Don't wanna stay here and I don't know why.
What happens here is not just in my mind.
I can't see it, I'm so blind.

We fly out of our minds,
Despite our best intentions.
Walk in, the party begins,
Forgetting who we are.
They say it's okay,
Live it up on your vacation.
Wanna play and the night is underway,
Don't say you're sorry.

It happens all so rapidly,
We've never fell so far and free.
We do everything we can.
I promise I will...
I promise we will...

Running free is driving me insane.
Can you see it when you're calling my name?
Don't tell me how it's all over now.
We've only just begun.

I know you're thinking that we won't survive.
So just don't worry about us or our lives.
This filthy state will not become our home tonight.
I can see it, I'm not blind.